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Community Partnerships

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

New Emerson thrives because of the community partners we have. Many Grand Valley businesses, organizations and individuals have contributed substantially through the years to help our campus become what it is today.

Take a look below at these community superheroes!

  1. Eureka! McConnell Science Museum

  2. Dan Sites @ Wells Fargo

  3. Lions Club

  4. Western Colorado Community Foundation

  5. Bacon Foundation

  6. Shaw Construction

  7. Michelle Hahn

  8. Kelly Asuka Clingman

  9. Jami Davis

  10. CJ Frazier @ Phenyx Media

  11. The Lewis Agency

  12. Academy Mortgage

  13. Community Hospital

  14. Reynolds Polymer Tech

  15. FCI

  16. September Myres

  17. Monument Medical Consultants

  18. CAPCO

  19. Walmart

  20. Colorado Studios courtesy of Russell Roland

  21. Allergy & Asthma Center of Western Colorado

  22. Zag Built

  23. ProSpace Interiors

  24. Great American Estate Sales & Services

  25. Eric Reel & Granite Imports

  26. Enstrom Candies

  27. Home Depot

  28. Out West Books

  29. The New Emerson PTO and 2018 Libratory Gala Committee

Lions Club Member, Wells Fargo employee and former New Emerson parent Dan Sites awards New Emerson with a check for $9450 in January of 2020.  Lions Club members and Dan -- thank you SO MUCH for supporting New Emerson!

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